Nothing like kicking off the day with a keynote presentation on telecom…

In this case, it was well worth it. Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg together with COO and President Lowell McAdam gave the audience a taste of where communications and technology are heading and why the demand for content is only going to grow especially video.

5 years ago, video accounted for 10% of the internet traffic. This year its 50% and within the next few years it will be 90%.  Think about that. More and more users connecting more and more devices accessing more and more content. The infrastructure needed to accommodate such demand is already stressed today with 50%. There needs to be increased investment in widening the spectrum for mobile broadband and broadband to the home.

Gary Shapiro, CEA President, threw out some stats: By 2014…

and what’s the predominant content for CE devices and Internet TV?  Video.  What was cool was when Seidenberg brought Time Warner executive Jeff Bewkes on stage for a discussion on how content creators (Time Warner) and content distributors (Verizon) are working together to appease consumers’ unyielding appetite for video.  Bewkes said, “The first golden era of TV was when it was invented. The 2nd Golden Era is Now!”

I think TV not in the general sense.  TV in the sense that anything with a screen.  Tablets, phones, laptops, embedded devices, connected to the internet and streaming broadcast quality HD video instantaneously.

There’s a lot of work to be done to make this a reality…and it looks like Verizon is well on the way to making it so.

Oh – and my favorite quote from the keynote…talking about the youth and what they expect from technology…

“Technology is an extra hard drive for their brain”
– Ivan Seidenberg, CEO Verizon

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